10 orbits - ERP for Accouting system powered by Odoo


Financial Accounting

  • Helps in Budget analysis
  • Forecasting the fiscal plan(report analysis executive /manager level)
  • Balancing the  Voucher, Journal, Credit Note and Debit Note Entries
  • Balancing the reconciliation statements
  • Final accounts of the specific time periods in detail
  • Cash Flow statements, Profit and Loss,Balance sheet,fiscal positions
  • Merged ledger of the multi company (branch or different partner firms transactions)
  • Reports generation on basis of every accounts,transactions, date and time
  • Legal and standard procedure of billing,invoicing and banking transactions
  • Import/Export functions
  • Advance tax management system,tax audit etc
  • Flexible documentation options

Account Receivable and Payables

  • Manual Payment and Invoice Matching options
  • Management of customer and vendor reports and ledgers on various basis
  • Vendors / Customers transaction reconciliation system
  • Vendors /Customers payments (due /paid)record registration
  • On the fly payment reconciliation
  • Customer report analysis
  • Employe due /payments(loan,advance salary, bonuses)
  • Automated followup procedures 
  • Import/Export features

Billing procedures

  • On the fly payment reconciliation(billing/invoicing)
  • Automatic wire transfer facilities
  • Document/ bills creation (customize font,sheets,images, etc)
  • Organized payment method
  • Tax/ vat ,retail invoicing reconciliation process(POS)
  • Cash register setup management
  • Predefined Invoice/Bill design
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