10 orbits - ERP for Accouting system powered by Odoo


Easy to use Accounting Software, available as standalone or an ERP Solution that integrates with Sales, Purchase, Inventory Management System and Human Resource Management System

Financial Accounting

  • Helps in Budget analysis
  • Forecasting the fiscal plan(report analysis executive /manager level)
  • Balancing the  Voucher, Journal, Credit Note and Debit Note Entries
  • Balancing the reconciliation statements
  • Final accounts of the specific time periods in detail
  • Cash Flow statements, Profit and Loss,Balance sheet,fiscal positions
  • Merged ledger of the multi company (branch or different partner firms transactions)
  • Reports generation on basis of every accounts,transactions, date and time
  • Legal and standard procedure of billing,invoicing and banking transactions
  • Import/Export functions
  • Advance tax management system,tax audit etc
  • Flexible documentation options

Account Receivable and Payables

  • Manual Payment and Invoice Matching options
  • Management of customer and vendor reports and ledgers on various basis
  • Vendors / Customers transaction reconciliation system
  • Vendors /Customers payments (due /paid)record registration
  • On the fly payment reconciliation
  • Customer report analysis
  • Employe due /payments(loan,advance salary, bonuses)
  • Automated followup procedures 
  • Import/Export features

Billing procedures

  • On the fly payment reconciliation(billing/invoicing)
  • Automatic wire transfer facilities
  • Document/ bills creation (customize font,sheets,images, etc)
  • Organized payment method
  • Tax/ vat ,retail invoicing reconciliation process(POS)
  • Cash register setup management
  • Predefined Invoice/Bill design
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