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CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Our Pre-hosted on cloud Customer Relationship Management (CRM), provides an easy Management of Leads, Opportunities, Quotes, and all Calendar Activities such as meetings, calls etc.
  • Manage Leads
  • Manage Opportunities
  • Manage Quotations
  • Manage all pre sales calendar activites such as meetings calls
  • Automate pre sales-follow up with emails and reminders


Hosted On Cloud

Our pre-hosted on cloud CRM, is also available on easy monthly subscription. Contact Us

Customer Relationship Management

  • Customer Management
  • Product Management
  • View CRM report


  • Create new Leads
  • Convert Leads to Opportunity
  • Add priority to Leads
  • Mark Lead as Lost
  • Generate leads from website


  • Create new Opportunity
  • Create new Opportunity from emails
  • Add Priority to Opportunity
  • Track Opportunity Stage
  • Mark Opportunity as won or lost


  • Evaluate Pipeline
  • Leads Analysis
  • Evaluate Activities

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