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ERP Suites

ERP Suite provides various modules to manage and digitize almost all areas of the business.

ERP Suites

We implement customizable modular ERP, that can be tailored according to the specific business needs

ERP Suite provides you with various modules to manage and digitize almost all areas of the business. The modules can be added or removed as when required and can also be customized according to the needs. Completly customizable ERP Modules powered by Odoo.

ERP Suite

Manage Procurement

Manage Vendors, Purchase Orders, Quotations and much more ...

ERP Suite

Manage Sales

Manage Customers, Sales Team, Sales Order and much more ..

ERP Suite

Manage Customers

Manage Leads, Opportunity, Quotation and much more ..

ERP Suite

Manage Inventory

Manage Product, Receipts In, Delivery Out and much more ..

ERP Suite

Manage Manufacturing

Manage Bill of Materials, Manufacturing Order and much more ..

ERP Suite

Manage Warehouse and Outlets

Manage Vendors, Purchase Orders, Quotations and much more ...

ERP Suite

Manage Finance

Manage Invoice, Bills, Legal Statement and much more ...

ERP Suite

Manage Resources

Manage Employee, Leaves, Payroll and much more ...


Manage Purchase

Vendor Management

  • Create specific vendor profile
  • Vendor price list
  • Vendor Ledger 
  • Manage Vendor Payment Terms

Create and Manage Purchase Order (PO)

  • PO Approval Process 
  • Track PO Status
  • Track Delivery Status Against Respective PO
  • Track Invoicing Status Against Respective PO


Manage Sales

Customer Management

  • Create specific Customer profile
  • Customer Ledger

Sales Team 

  • Sales Team Management
  • Configure Sales Teams
  • Sales analysis of specific team

Sales Order 

  • Create Quotation
  • Track order status
  • Track Sales status 
  • View different sales Reporting

Manage Inventory

Product Management

  • Product Description
  • Configure Product Categories
  • Configure Product Variant


  • Receipts In Management
  • Delivery Out Management
  • Internal Transfer within different warehouse or location
  • Landed Cost configuration


  • Stock Valuation Report
  • Product Moves Report


Bill of Materials

  • Create Bill of Materials 
  • BoM Structure & Cost
  • View List of Bill of Materials 
  • Update Product Cost direct from BoM Costing Structure

Manufacturing Orders

  • Create Manufacturing Orders of Particular Product
  • Automated generation of MO Sequence
  • Scrap Product Management
  • MO Batch Management
  • Batch Wise product price

Routing Management

  • Define Work Center 
  • Work Center Management
  • Identify cost of Work Center
  • Time Analysis

Manage Accounting


  • Clean Customer invoices
  • Manage Advance Payment terms
  • Payment Management
  • Control supplier bills(invoices) 
  • Manual Payment and Invoice Matching

Accounts Receivable & Account Payables

  • Manage Receivable Account
  • Manage Payable Account

Legal Statements

  • Profit & Loss
  • Cash Flow Management
  • General Ledger Reporting
  • View Journal
  • Advanced Taxes Management
  • Consolidated Journal Report
  • View Balance Sheet
  • Tax Reports
  • Tax Audit Report

Major Finance Operations

  • View Fiscal Position
  • Manage Tax Configure
  • Dashboard Familiarization
  • Multiple-Plans
  • Auto create Audit Report
  • Analytic Accounting Report Management
  • Customer and Supplier Configuration
  • Manage Payment Terms
  • Asset Management
  • Budget Management
  • Manual Payment and Invoice Matching
  • Tax Adjustment

Manage Communiation

  • Manual discussion with all member
  • User can make group chat 
  • Private group chat


  • View the office Holidays
  • Leave Details
  • Manage meetings

Manage Document

  • Manage confidential document
  • User Access for document Access

Manage Project

  • Create Project
  • Create task
  • Define Project Stages
  • Timesheet management
  • Track Issue of project
  • Bank Guarantee
  • Project Insurance

Manage Customers

Customer Relationship Management

  • Customer Management
  • Product Management
  • View CRM report


  • Change Opportunity stage
  • Add Stages
  • Schedule Activities
  • Manage Sales Team


  • Create new Opportunity
  • Create new Opportunity from emails
  • Add Priority to Opportunity
  • Track Opportunity Stage
  • Mark Opportunity as won or lost


  • Create new Leads
  • Convert Leads to Opportunity
  • Add priority to Leads
  • Mark Lead as Lost
  • Generate leads from website


  • Evaluate Pipeline
  • Leads Analysis
  • Evaluate Activities

Tender Management

  • Tender Tracking
  • Tender Expenses Report

Manage Human Resource


  • Create employee
  • Define Contract for each employee
  • Define department


  • Check In & Check Out Details;
  • Biometric device Integration


  • Leave Allocation
  • Leave Request
  • Leave Approval


  • Generate Payslips in batch
  • Confirm multiple payslip at once
  • Send Payslips details to employee via email
  • Generate Bank Advice
  • Bank Advice export to excel


  • Manage hiring process
  • Organize vacancies job Application


  • Manage employee expenses
  • Save time on expense reports

Manage Fleet

Vehicles Management

  • Vehicle Details
  • Odometer Log
  • View Fuel Logs
  • Manage Service details

Machine Management

  • Machine Details
  • Keep Machine Record
  • View Fuel Logs

Bill Books & Servicing Details

  • Notification Service to Remind Servicing Time
  • Notification for Bill Book Expiry Date
  • Track Servicing Details
  • View Reports

Insurance Claim & Settlement

  • Provision to handle Insurance Claim
  • Keep Settlement Details

Quality Check

  • Notification Provision
  • Control Points Management
  • Process the Quality Check 
  • View Pass -Fail report 
  • Task Measure 
  • Register Consumed Materials

MRP Maintenance

  • Equipment Management
  • Equipment Analysis
  • Maintenance Request

Product Lifecycle Management

  • View the Working Process of Workcenter
  • Parallel Multiple Changes Management
  • Provision to Revise BoM with Approval Process

IRD Complaint

  • Sales Book Report
  • Purchase Book Report
  • Tax Invoice Template
  • Materialize View of Field for IRD Synchronization
  • Nepal Data Record in Database

Manage Support


  • View Helpdesk Teams
  • View Tickets
  • View performance
  • View customer satisfaction


  • Create a new Ticket
  • Assign Tickets
  • Add tags to Ticket
  • Add Priority
  • Select Customer
  • Track Stage of Ticket
  • Change Stage of Ticket


  • Ticket Analysis

Manage Warehouse

Manage Warehouse

  • Multiple Warehouse Configuration
  • Multiple Location Support
  • Transfer Operation within Multiple Location
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