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Inventory Management System

Most comprehensive Inventory Management System (IMS), it allows user to manage items in stock, review sales history of item , review purchase history of item, track payments receivables and payables to the party.


Better organize your warehouse with the smart double entry inventory system.


Import Current Opening Stock from Excel

Manually adjust your stock quantity with real quantity

Goods-In with Unique GRN number

Purchase Goods Return with Reference to GRN number

Reflect PO Reference during Goods-In

Goods-out With Unique GIN- Number

Return Sales Goods With Reference to GIN-Number

Reflect SO Reference during Goods-Out

Maximum Stock Notification

Low Stock Notification

Product Expiry Alerts before Product Expiry

Add, Modify or Archive Information of Products, Product Category, and Warehouses

Transfer Stock from one warehouse to another

Track Products using unique Lots/Serial/Batch Number

Multiple Warehouses Configuration

Improve your supply chain & inventory performance.

Easily manage suppliers & purchase orders

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