10 orbits - ERP for IRD certified invoicing powered by Odoo

IRD Certified Computerized Billing

10 Orbits provides IRD Certified computerized Billing Software in Nepal suitable for all types of Businesses.

Odoo ERP and Billing Solution provided  by 10 Orbits is compliant with all the requirements of electronic billing procedure, 2074 (with Fourth Amendment)  (विद्युतीय बीजक सम्बन्धी कार्यविधि, २०७४ चौथौ संसोधन सहि)) and is Certifed by Inland Revenue Department, Nepal (IRD) for Computerized Billing‍

  • Certified by Inland Revenue Department (IRD)
  • Computerized Billing
  • Integrated with Central Billing Monitoring System (CBMS)

IRD Certified Billing

  • Sales Book Report
  • Purchase Book Report
  • Tax Invoice Template
  • Materialize View of Field for IRD Synchronization
  • Nepal Data Record in Database

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