Odoo Offshore Development Services

We offer remote offshore Odoo Development service on project or hourly service.

Nepal is one of the promising outsourcing location given that it produces large number of IT graduates and the pay scale is very low, compared to that of developers around the world. 10 Orbits provides a pool of odoo developers at very competive price.

10 Orbits is actively working on the every level of ecosystem to create Odoo qualified human resource, by providing training, internships and guiding electives at Engineering anf IT Colleges

Hire Offshore Odoo Experts

We have a pool of Odoo experts available to support your development needs. Well trained and with years of experience on Odoo Platform, they are ready to solve almost any odoo related developments.

Odoo Experts are available on fixed price for a given project/task or on hourly basis where you assign tasks and is billed monthly on hours worked on your project.

Create Offshore Odoo Development Remote Team

A entire Odoo Development Team comprise of Project/Delivery Manager aka, your focal point for communication, Sr. Odoo Developers, Jr. Odoo Developers and Testers.

The team is available for offshore development on dedicated basis, means that the team works only on your projects. We work with JIRA as PM tool, but can easily adopt to any project management solution and reporting format.

Offshore Odoo Services

Odoo Development, Odoo Integration, Odoo Customization, Odoo Migration

Odoo Development

Develop modules, apps and meta packages for Odoo. The apps or packages can be sold over Odoo app store or can be integrated into the solutions being built.

Odoo Customization

Customization or some adjustments to meet desired function. Odoo allows to build, overwrite or add new functionalities to cuurently available apps and functions of Odoo.

Odoo Integration

Odoo Integration Service mainly works with apis to integrate it with hardwares like biometric or any third-party softwares such as payment gateways or google apps

Support & Maintenance

Already using odoo? We will keep it up and running, fix any bugs, and add new features

ERP/Odoo Migration

We help migrate from any systems to Odoo by buiilding import features from the existing export templates

Offshore Odoo development models

Fixed Price Development

Fixed Price Development model is best suited for projects which has well defined requirements and workscope.

Time and Material based Development

Time and Material based Development or hourly priced model fits for larger projects where workscope and time needed are not quite clear or may change in between.

Dedicated Staff based Development/Remote Team

Dedicated Staff model works same as employees of your company except they are remotely based. Also known as remote team or team augmentation. This model is best suited for large projects.

ERP/Odoo Services

We provide various ERP and Odoo related services

ERP Odoo Implementation

We offer ERP/Odoo implementation services. We focus on achieving efficiency and effectiveness by not only meeting functional requirement but also ensure the impact of ERP/Odoo implementation on productivity, disruption in operations and the level of ERP/Odoo adoption across the organization.

ERP Odoo Integraton

We offer Odoo integration services, to integrate with hardwares or specialized softwares that serves a diverse range of industries. Our Integration Service includes, Biometric Integration, Payment Gateway Integration and any integration supported by hardware or softwares

ERP Odoo Customization

If the standard Odoo solution is not serving your needs, with our odoo customization service you are able to expand your software to any extends you wish. Odoo is flexible enough and can be customized to any extend.

ERP Odoo migration

Important as it may be, migrating your old Odoo versions to the newer or from different system to Odoo is quite a tedious and complex task. One misstep and it can cascade to disrupt the whole framework. This is why having a good company with good migration knowledge is important. We provide migration service pre analysed by our experts.

ERP Odoo Consultation

After communicating with clients to understand the core objectives that needs to be met via ERP, we analyse their current strength in Information Technology and how it will be shaped in future. we provide ERP consulting services that can aid a successful implementation and leverage best out of ERP Systems.

ERP Odoo Support

Already implemented Odoo? Our well trained support personnel, can be available for all kind of support. Our Support system includes, backup, server maintenance, data-recovery as well as minor updates and app configurations

ERP Odoo training

We provide Odoo Training, Functional training for IT or non- IT Persons includes how to use Odoo for a particular industry, no coding required.
Development training includes customization and requires python programming skills

Hire ERP Odoo Developers

If your Company needs just Odoo Developers we provide developers on hourly/monthly or project basis. Odoo developers are available as both on-site or off-site resource.

Odoo Offshore Development Services

We offer remote offshore Odoo Development service on project or hourly service.

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We provide Odoo based ERP Development, ERP Customisation, and ERP Implementation Services. Our Outsourcing solution includes offshore staffing services for software, websites and mobile apps developments. We also provide development and integration of AI based services like Image Recognition, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.
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